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Become a Powerful Presenter

Learn the art of communication and become a powerful presenter.

Powerful Presentations & You is an incredible 3-day live event that allows you to take your communication skills to the next level! Join the room with like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and business people and discover the secrets to becoming an effective and powerful communicator, leader, and influencer.

This experiential 3-day has been specifically designed to produce the greatest possible results, learning and value that will allow your message to inspire and captivate the hearts of others.

Who is Powerful Presentations & You for?

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & SME’s
  • Sales Professionals
  • Executives, Managers & Leaders
  • CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s
  • Professional Speakers (or those keen to become Professional Speakers)
  • Authors
  • Network Marketers
  • Negotiators

Whether speaking from stage, leading a webinar, in a sales meeting, or even inspiring your own internal team, Powerful Presentations & You offers new techniques, tools and insights that are designed to take your conversations and leadership skills to the next level.

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Creating the Greatest Personal

Powerful Presentations & You creates the greatest personal transformation in the areas of confidence, power, presentation, and influence.

As a leader, it’s becoming harder and harder to overcome barriers in order to truly inspire, influence, and connect with your audience.

Imagine being able to effortlessly captivate the attention of a room.

Imagine enrolling your audience to believe in your cause or purpose.

How powerful would it be to have the ability to influence; whether presenting on stage, to a small team or in a one-on-one sales consultation?

For this to happen, you need to have the power to positively influence people to be able to follow your lead and be fully engaged. Powerful Presentations & You gives you the tools that enable you to penetrate deep into your audience’s conscience, influence and make an emotional connection.

Success In All Your Communications

In just 3-days you will achieve unprecedented business & professional
Success in all your communications.

Powerful Presentations & You focuses on four specific key areas and outcomes that you can immediately use to experience a massive difference when communicating or presenting, whether it’s one-on-one, at home, in your relationships, with a small team, or on a global stage in front of thousands.

Mastering this level of communication will take something over the 3 days, including your personal commitment, your courage, and your absolute willingness to be stretched. You’ll leave the program having already applied what you learned and discovered both professionally and personally.

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The opportunity to participate in this program has made some of the world’s biggest influencers and powerhouses they are today – people like Entrepreneur Tony Robbins, Author Jack Canfield and many more.

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Jack Canfield

One of the greatest seminars that I’ve ever taken that really helped me along in both my professional career and professional life financially was the Money & You® seminar. Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series
Jack Canfield

Mark Victor Hansen

Money & You® is one of the most brilliant trainings on the planet. I took it, learned it, and earned vastly more because of it. You can do the same – or more! Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series; One-Minute Millionaire; Businessman, Entrepreneur
Mark Victor Hansen

Bernard Bays

Money & You® enabled me to create a much more positive atmosphere at work and has helped me motivate the people who work for me. The program also helped me in becoming better organized and more effective in accomplishing my objectives at work. Carlsmith, Wichman, Case, Mukai and Ichiki, Attorneys At Law
Bernard Bays

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Powerful Presentations & You

21 - 23 July 2023 - View Hotel, Cnr Kingsford Smith Drive & Hunt Street, Hamilton QLD 4007

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Money & You®

18 - 22 October 2023 - Stamford Plaza Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

Creating Wealth & You

9 - 11 November 2023 - Venue TBC, Brisbane or Surrounds, QLD

Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs

2024, venue TBC, QLD

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