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Winning Success Formulas

With over 105,000 graduates, 80 countries and 38 years of extensive research on winning success formula’s, Global Excellerated Business School is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to step into their authentic power and gain further business and financial success.

The 8-Day program is an intensive 8-day program where you’ll learn the winning formulas and money-making secrets of the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs.

Step Into an Extraordinary Opportunity

Global Excellerated Business School will change your life and support you in stepping into an extraordinary opportunity.

Submerge yourself with like-minded/like-hearted global entrepreneurs and enjoy hanging out, connecting, and being empowered by your class-mates, the instructors, guest speakers, successful business owners and entrepreneurs and returning graduates from past Business Schools.

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An Era of Change

Global Excellerated Business School is an entire era of change that will shape the very foundation of humanity.

Unprecedented events in 2020 had huge impacts on all businesses, big or small. It created a “perfect storm” of global circumstances that opened new windows of opportunity that our world has ever seen. Business owners needed to think quickly on their feet, innovate and adapt to change in order to navigate forwards.

When the next storm hits, you’ll be prepared. The Global Excellerated Business School helps you see opportunities to create billion-dollar companies, and innovations that will dictate the trajectory of the human race for decades to come.

Learn From the World’s
Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Learn the winning formulas and money-making secrets of the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs.

Surrounded by exotic locations, the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs consistently attracts business leaders from all industries — from start-up entrepreneurs to established billionaires. Our instructors and guest speakers are world-class entrepreneurs, experts/masters in their fields of endeavour.

As well as learning proven wealth and business principles, rubbing shoulders with the wealthy, and experiencing real-live experiential games, you’ll have the opportunity to develop important contacts and beneficial friendships with fellow participants from all over the world.

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Ingraining Proven Success Principles

If you’ve ever wished you could play a bigger game, have more impact, and build kingdoms of wealth in the process — this program is for you!

“How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity, through spontaneous cooperation, in the shortest possible time without the ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”
– Buckminster Fuller

Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs doesn’t just teach you how to succeed, it ingrains proven success principles in your psyche through “Excellerated” learning (proven and refined for 40 years).

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Jack Canfield

One of the greatest seminars that I’ve ever taken that really helped me along in both my professional career and professional life financially was the Money & You® seminar. Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series

Mark Victor Hansen

Money & You® is one of the most brilliant trainings on the planet. I took it, learned it, and earned vastly more because of it. You can do the same – or more! Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series; One-Minute Millionaire; Businessman, Entrepreneur

Bernard Bays

Money & You® enabled me to create a much more positive atmosphere at work and has helped me motivate the people who work for me. The program also helped me in becoming better organized and more effective in accomplishing my objectives at work. Carlsmith, Wichman, Case, Mukai and Ichiki, Attorneys At Law

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Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs

2024, venue TBC, QLD

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Money & You®

18 - 22 October 2023 - Stamford Plaza Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

Creating Wealth & You

9 - 11 November 2023 - Venue TBC, Brisbane or Surrounds, QLD

Powerful Presentations & You

21 - 23 July 2023 - View Hotel, Cnr Kingsford Smith Drive & Hunt Street, Hamilton QLD 4007

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