Jack Canfield

One of the greatest seminars that I’ve ever taken that really helped me along in both my professional career and professional life financially was the Money & You® seminar.

Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series

Mark Victor Hansen

Money & You® is one of the most brilliant trainings on the planet. I took it, learned it, and earned vastly more because of it. You can do the same – or more!

Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series; One-Minute Millionaire; Businessman, Entrepreneur

Bernard Bays

Money & You® enabled me to create a much more positive atmosphere at work and has helped me motivate the people who work for me. The program also helped me in becoming better organized and more effective in accomplishing my objectives at work.

Carlsmith, Wichman, Case, Mukai and Ichiki, Attorneys At Law

Jerry Weinerth

What I learned changed everything I do in my life and how I go about doing it. I supported Bucky in his work for several years. Designed and built a 10,000 sq ft geodesic dome house in Malibu.

Business Owner

Nate Ross

Money & You® completely changed my life. It looked like it was a seminar from a financial perspective – about how to achieve financial success. But what it really did was teach me, not only about business principles, but the principles of life that would make me successful in my interactions with other people.

Business Owner

Bill Clum

I loved learning that mistakes are natural and for things to change 1st I must change.

Retired Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Rick Mars

I have never invited someone to come to Money & You® that they didn’t thank me for it. It is the best!


Leonore Arnold

I learned about Money & You® from my husband. Even though I was hesitant in going, I’m really glad I went. What I learned at M&Y® is to focus on the NOW. In the past I had been hard on myself and focusing on what had NOT worked. But now I was able to start focusing on the good that we HAVE done and not to focus on the past. So now we are focusing on turning our business around and rather than blaming our problems in the past, we now have conquered something that most people wouldn’t have said was possible.

Co-owner a Semi-conductor company

Ko Hayashi

I’ll double my annual income this year – the funny thing is, I used to think the course was terribly expensive. Now I realize it’s a bargain!

Executive Vice President, Stanford Group, Inc.

Keith Cunningham

Money & You® is a life changing program. I have attended over 50 seminars in the last 15 years and Money & You® is the granddaddy of them all. No matter where you are in your life, your relationships or your financial life, Money & You® is the best of the best. You will come away with a whole new set of paradigms and tools that will take you to the next level. If you do no other seminar this decade, do Money & You®! It WILL change your life.

Entrepreneur, Author, Keys to the Vault Program

Cherie Clark

Money & You® was the beginning of an exciting, challenging series of accelerated learning training I received. From the introductory Program, Money & You®, to the Excellerated Business school, Secrets of Powerful Presentations, Future of Business, Global Educators’ Program and others in their repertoire, I learned more in these trainings than I did in years of college. The programs are dynamic, innovative and masterful. I have applied everything I learned in the programs to my work as Director of Shock Incarceration for the New York State Department of Correctional Services and in my private business, DOING LIFE International, Inc. We have saved the State of New York over US$ 1 billion in prison rehabilitation. I have incorporated the principles in the books I have authored and in training programs I lead for businesses and public service agencies.

President, DOING LIFE International, Inc.

Frederique Deleage

After Money & You®, I discovered a whole new world in my organization: the importance of systems, teamwork and the power of leverage. Now, the business works for my spirit and me is freer than ever before.

1996 Winner of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Hong Kong)

Arthur Benjamin

I learned the Entrepreneurial skills I could put into my business.

Business Owner – DataMark – a US$74 million dollar company

Dr. Sonia N. Powers

I first attended Money and You® in 1979 and have rarely missed one in California since that time. Over the years I have spoken to tens of thousands of people around the world and whenever asked about recommendations for some of the best classes or programs for personal and professional growth, I always and without hesitation recommend Money and You®. It truly enriches your mind, body and spirit – What more could you want?!

Licensed Psychologist, Trainer, Author, TV Show Host

Gary Williams

I came to Money & You® as a former Minister with the belief that God did not want me to be rich. Through the exercises and the teachings, M&Y® has set me on a course to realizing that God desires me to be rich. I am now a successful, full time Real Estate investor and well on my way to contribute and help others. Because of what I learned at M&Y® I was able to acquire over 40 properties in my first year of Real Estate investing.

Former Minister – Real Estate Investor, Los Angeles Area

Dato – Dr. Jannie Tay

Without Money & You®, I would not have had the courage to open offices and retail outlets in Australia (we now have four there), Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. In business, it is not tasks, money, or products that make the biggest difference. It’s the people, and relationships. In Money & You®, I learned a framework, and a technology that I apply and am constantly using every day.

Vice-Chairman, The Hour Glass

Gerry Robert

If you want a Millionaire Mindset, you must attend Money & You®. I did and it was fantastic.

Bestselling author – The Millionaire Mindset

Andrew Barron

Before I attended Money & You® and the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, I was scraping by with only $200 dollars a week. And within two years, I had achieved more financially than I had thought possible. I became a millionaire within those two years, earning between $50,000 and $100,000 per month working no more hours per week than the average employee – often much less!

CEO, The Timber Barron

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