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In 2020, the global events that occurred changed the way we lived, worked, interacted with each other, and did business. As a company that embodies the Money & You principles at the highest level, we had to think fast on our feet in order to still provide support and value to our global community.

Money & You is not a talk-fest and it needs to be experienced live to gain the full transformational experience. One where participating fully with other human beings is a key to the process. The critical points that have differentiated Money & You and our Excellerated programs for 41 years are the very reasons we can’t simply turn Money & You or any of our programs into a 10 Session Webinar Series – nor would we want too frankly.

Experiential and Excellerated learning, games, activities, interactions that lead to self-discovery and transformation are the key.

As such, we eagerly await being able to run our live programs ASAP of course, with all the Covid-19 safety plans in place for everyone’s wellbeing. In the meantime, you can register and secure a priority place at our 2021 events and start your journey of transformation right now.

Take a look at our Thrive Program (including Money & You) for 2021.

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Coming Soon!

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