Based on a 44 Year History With Participants From 85+ Countries… 

THIS is What Sets the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Apart

Jack Canfield, Sharon Lechter, Mark Victor-Hansen, and Roger Hamilton all attended this legendary program (the world’s longest running wealth and entrepreneurial program) immediately before they launched their multi-million dollar empires…

There’s ONE THING that sets the most successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest and… 

  • Allows them to always come out on top, live in flow, and contribute to the world at a meaningful level.
  • Ensures they can weather any business challenge
  • Puts them in a position to amass huge wealth while others hit an invisible ceiling.

It’s not the tactics they use. It’s not the latest Facebook ad hacks. It’s not learning the secret to buying a positively geared property. 

No, it’s something far simpler than that. You see, just as the quality of soil is critical to the growth of a plant… 

You Will Discover...

  • How to handle communication breakdowns and the importance of “communication systems”
  • The tools mega-successful people use to create synergy and aligned teams to build their empires
  • Best way to create new levels of trust with teams, via the use of cooperation to turn competitors into allies
  • The secret to creating extraordinary results with less time and effort, via the business success model
  • The single best thing you can do to build win-win business and personal relationships over the long term
  • The Foundation of Your Business Success All Boils Down to 3 Key Factors

    And this is because the systems you put in place, the way you create leverage, your business strategy, the type of people you hire, how you set goals, the different pathways you can access cash from – and how much your business grows…

    All stem from:

     1) the underlying assumptions 

    2) positive and limiting beliefs, and 

    3) risk profiles regarding money.

    It’s for this reason that Money & You® has so many raving fans, and has arguably made a bigger impact on the lives of entrepreneurs than any other event on the planet

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    It gets to the actual core of the issues which are holding you back, delving into your beliefs about money, scarcity, abundance and wealth which impacts the way you show up, and the decisions you make. 

    You’ll walk in wanting to create massive breakthroughs in your business, career, and relationships – but unsure of how to do it…

    And just 5 days later you’ll walk out with a “millionaire mindset” of proven strategies, formulas and tactics to build your business faster, create new income streams with less effort, get more out of your teams, eliminate self-imposed money blocks, all while enjoying more confidence (and having more fun) than you ever thought possible.

    Community & Networking

    If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then make no mistake about it, Money & You® is the difference that makes the difference. 

    And it’s not just the knowledge, but the way the knowledge is delivered. 

    Let’s face it – with most events you feel like you’re drinking out of a firehose. 

    You walk out more confused than you walked in. 

    Money & You® is different. 

    Instead of seminar-style lectures, it’s an immersive experience delivered with scientifically proven excellerated learning techniques and whole brain engagement for maximum impact and retention so you can…

    Is Money & You® Right for You… Right Now?

     Find Out With These 6 Questions…

    1.  Are you “big picture” but not across all the details? Does this cause you to make easy-to-fix errors which end up costing you thousands of dollars… like missing a detail in a contract, or not prepping for an important meeting?
    2. Are you so bogged down in the nitty-gritty you forget to step back and see the flaws in your team, make costly hiring mistakes, or miss key signals in meetings, causing you to lose big deals?
    3. Does the thought of “I don’t have enough knowledge” hold you back? Do you make excuses, instead of leveraging those who can plug the leaks in your entrepreneurial boat?
    4. Do you sabotage yourself from thinking big? Perhaps because you don’t believe you can figure out the pathway to achieving those dreams?
    5. Is cash flow is an issue? Would you like to know how to pitch someone for capital venture?
    6. Are you’re strapped for time? Maybe you’re unsure of how to outsource the chunk that’s preventing you from focusing on the things that matter?
    Money&you 1

    Internalise a Life time of Wealth Building Principles and Strategies in Just 5 Days

    Via eye-opening experiential games and learning activities carefully designed to sneak around your intellectual defenses and reveal exactly how you behave around money, business, relationships and wealth – so you can eradicate mindset flaws on the spot. 

    You’ll create ‘aha’ breakthroughs as you’re exposed to a practical toolkit of mindset techniques and concrete skills to shift your relationship with money, using the principles the top 1% of entrepreneurs rely on. 

    You’ll analyse who you are as a person, as an entrepreneur, and as a business leader – so you can make conscious decisions to improve both your business results, and personal finances. 

    And here’s the thing: everything we do ensures maximum retention. That’s right…

    Meeting Photo Section

    Make no mistake, once you learn these wealth laws via this proven “whole brain engagement” approach, it’s impossible to unlearn them. 

    You’ll literally have a lifetime of wealth knowledge hard-coded into your psyche and will walk away with the unconscious competence to build successful businesses and amass huge wealth.

    Here’s What Highly Successful Graduates Have To Say

    Jack Canfield

    C/O Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul shares how Money & You® helped his success.

    Mark Victor Hansen

    C/O Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, a Money & You® graduate, shares why you will love Money & You ®.

    Zen DeBrucke

    Shares how Money & You® helped her and her husband with their success.

    Kylie Bartlett

    The Web Celeb,
    Speaker & Author

    Roger Hamilton

    Social Entrepreneur, Futurist, Creator of Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute

    Bill Allen

    Street Kid Turned Successful Entrepreneur ‘Hawaii Care & Cleaning’, Thought Leader, Philanthropist

    Next Event Date:

    4 - 8 September 2024 - Royal ICC, Brisbane, QLD

    Here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll discover, step-by-step:

    Day 1 runs from 7 pm through to 11:30 pm (times are approximate)


    This is where we set the frame. You’ll get an introduction to the unique “whole brain technology” learning environment – and then we’ll show you… 

    • The proven formula for building successful long term business and personal relationships
    • How to master the key principles successful people use to turn obstacles into opportunities, and create results beyond ordinary limits
    • The key to instinctively making decisions, and discovering beliefs that support or inhibit your success
    • The best way to differentiate yourself and your business in 2023, in order to stand out from your competitors

    Day 2 runs from 9 am until 11:30 pm (times are approximate)


    Get ready to discover the 4 steps to mastery in order to create “beyond ordinary” results that dramatically grow your business income. In fact, you’ll be handed a very specific tool to identify your strengths, needs, drivers and motivators in order to empower your team including… 

    • The communication tools required to align themes, improve productivity, and reduce conflicts 
    • 7 keys to strategic thinking required to ensure your business thrives in any market (plus the difference between strategic vs. tactical thinking every entrepreneur should know. hint: most are tactical thinkers)
    • Leverage principles for achieving maximum returns with minimum risk (and make no mistake – leverage beats the hustle culture 90% of the time) 
    • The key to ensuring your goals are on track with your purpose (so many entrepreneurs ignore this, and it not only makes you less satisfied – it’s also far less profitable over the long term)

    Day 3 runs from 9 am through to 2 am (times are approximate)


    We’ll dive deep into how to overcome barriers to success, so you can engineer a 5-year vision for yourself and your organisation in order to move from where you are to where you want to be. Plus… 

    • The key to removing your subconscious barriers to success, joy, fulfillment and financial abundance. 
    • How to reignite your passion and purpose in what you do, and how you can have it all
    • Exact steps you can take to safeguard your personal and organisational wealth, in order to protect your financial future
    • The best way to develop your emotional intelligence, in order to achieve superior results
    • How to develop a culture to increase the level of ownership, responsibility and accountability within your organisation
    • A foolproof way to implement systems and procedures in order to increase the capacity of your company, so you can achieve optimum performance and excellence

    Day 4 runs from 11 am through to 11 pm (times are approximate)


    Many programs sound great while you’re there, but fall apart as soon as you leave the  room.

    That’s not the case with Money & You®, which is why on the final day, you’ll internalise and integrate what you learnt to effectively apply it ‘in the real world.’ That’s right – you’ll discover… 

    • How to handle communication breakdowns, and the importance of “communication systems”
    • The tools mega-successful people use to create synergy and aligned teams to build their empires
    • Best way to create new levels of trust with teams, via the use of cooperation to turn competitors into allies
    • The secret to creating extraordinary results with less time and effort, via the business success model
    • The single best thing you can do to build win-win business and personal relationships over the long term

    Day 5 runs from 9 am through to 6 pm (times are approximate)



    • Debrief the First 4 Days Translating Ideas Into Action and Implementation
    • Meet and Learn From Masters in Their Field to Support Your Personal and Business Growth
    • Internalize and Integrate What you Learned to Effectively Apply it ‘in the Real World’
    • Create Extraordinary Results with Less Time and Effort by Applying the Business Success Model

    The Legendary 

    Money & You® Program Is For You...

    • If you’re ready to do the same program which has taught the top 1% of entrepreneurs the framework to grow their massive empires…
    • If you’re ready for a breakthrough in your business…
    • If you’re ready to be handed the proven strategies, formulas and tactics to build your business faster, with less effort and more confidence than you ever thought possible.
    • If you’re ready to grow your results by creating new income streams, getting more out of your teams, eliminating your self-imposed money blocks, and introducing fun into your business.

    Money & You® can help you create leverage, put the right systems in place, refine your business strategy, hire better people, set bigger goals, access cash from different pathways – and eradicate all those negative beliefs about money, scarcity, abundance and wealth which impact the way you show up – and the decisions you make!

    Introducing Three Entrepreneurial Masters and Your Money & You® Instructors

    No matter which of these three entrepreneurs leads your Program you are in the hands of an Entrepreneurial Master.

    These outstanding entrepreneurs participated in Money & You®, they applied what they learned and then grew highly successful businesses.   They are real entrepreneurs who produced real world results.  

    They loved the Money & You® community and program so much they then participated in 5-7 years of Instructor Training and returned to lead the Program to give back, on the back of their business success.

    Dominique Lyone

    Dominique Lyone is the Founder and Chairman of COS, Australia’s largest privately owned office product business, with approximately $200M + in revenues.  

    With over 500 team and 9 distribution centres across the country, Dom not only walks his talk, he is an extraordinary, personal, powerful and committed human being who can inspire from experience – and personally used the principles you’ll discover at the event to take the fast-track to achieving his dreams.

    Dominique is the head instructor for our Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs and an incredible master to spend time with, his experience, generosity and wit make the experience second to none.

    Kerry Zurier

    Kerry co-founded the Telluride Chamber of Commerce at the age of 22, before acting as Director for MEND. Kerry has raised over US$28 Million for various non–profit organisation and is a Master Coach and Management Consultant having been an instructor of programs within the Excellerated Curriculum since 1994.

    Also Kerry is a Master Coach and Leadership expert. Kerry has been an Instructor of Money & You® and Powerful Presentations & You since 1994, after 28 years, you’re in amazing hands if you walk into a room with Kerry. Kerry is also the Instructor that leads our Transformational Leadership Program – empowering and training others to lead Money & You® and their own organisations through greater leadership development and personal growth.

    Andrew Barron

    Andrew was making $200 per week when he first attended Money & You®. Within 8-months he was a millionaire, and within 3-years he’d scaled his timber business to $30 million in revenues per annum and sold that successfully. Since then he’s done it again including growing another business to $50M in revenues per year with a team of 50.

    Andrew absolutely knows how to apply these principles for fast and ongoing results both in business and personally and is an extremely relate-able (not sure how to spell that) example of what’s possible for anyone who participates in our programs from Money & You®, to Powerful Presentations & You, to Creating Wealth & You and the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs. As a Graduate of the full Curriculum, Andrew is a living breathing example of what’s possible when you apply what you discover in these powerful programs.

    Check Out What Graduates Who “Get” These Principles Have To Say:

    Jack Canfield

    One of the greatest seminars that I’ve ever taken that really helped me along in both my professional career and professional life financially was the Money & You® seminar. Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series
    Jack Canfield

    Mark Victor Hansen

    Money & You® is one of the most brilliant trainings on the planet. I took it, learned it, and earned vastly more because of it. You can do the same – or more! Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series; One-Minute Millionaire; Businessman, Entrepreneur
    Mark Victor Hansen

    Bernard Bays

    Money & You® enabled me to create a much more positive atmosphere at work and has helped me motivate the people who work for me. The program also helped me in becoming better organized and more effective in accomplishing my objectives at work. Carlsmith, Wichman, Case, Mukai and Ichiki, Attorneys At Law
    Bernard Bays

    Next Event Date:

    18 - 22 October 2023 - Stamford Plaza Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

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