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Like a Modern Day MBA, for Busy Entrepreneurs

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Every successful entrepreneur has hopes of cracking the glass ceiling and enjoying an extraordinary quality life. Yet most plateau because they thrive in just a handful of areas in the “business success wheel”… 

In the pages that follow, you will get a brief glimpse of how 24 months mastering each of the areas above at THE EXCELLERATED CURRICULUM will make you a ‘1% entrepreneur’, and provide you with an overwhelming advantage over your competitors. 

While many business owners are good at generating sales. Or thrive operationally or technically – they fall down in other areas of the business wheel.

I promise if you make a decision now to stretch yourself and finally get armed with the full toolset inside The EXCELLERATED CURRICULUM, you’ll become a wholistic entrepreneur, finally reach your full potential, and play the BIGGER GAME you were born for. 

 And for good reason – you’ll close the skill gaps and experience the ‘edge’ other students of our programs including Ben Cohen (founder of Ben & Jerry’s), Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For The Soul Book Series Authors), and Paul Mitchell (Paul Mitchell Hair Products) have access to.

Business Success Wheel

Business Success Wheel

This is What Holds Most Business Owners Back

Every business owner has at least one (or several) “skill gaps”, and it can make it feel like you’re running the entrepreneurial race with a broken leg. 

While you can turn to Amazon for a book. Udemy for a short course. Or even attend a Grant Cardone or Anthony Robbins rally for some “shot in the arm” motivation… 

Books and short courses are piecemeal, and MBA’s are not only incredibly demanding for those already running a business – they’re delivered by professors who almost never have runs on the board in real business situations. 

That’s why we created the Excellerated Curriculum incorporating six wholistic programs delivered over 24 months. 

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Developed by “Think Tanks” of Entrepreneurs in the Top 1% of Their Industry

While most MBA’s involve traditional classroom learning delivered over a period of four years, each program in the Excellerated Curriculum was created by legends of industry collaborating, comparing notes, and breaking down the key principles which made them leaders in their field.  

Quite frankly, there’s nothing like it available anywhere because it doesn’t just breakdown the business success model 7 & 8 figure businesses rely on… 

It’s customised to your needs, and you work as much on yourself as you do on your business. 

This is crucial because your business is never going to outstrip who you are as a person. 

That’s why our training is not “one size fits all.” Everything we do is experiential and we dive into the mindset x-factors including… 

  • Who you are as a leader
  • Your relationships with money
  • Beliefs about scarcity, abundance and how this impacts your vision of what’s possible, and the hiring decisions you make
  • How you set targets and goals

Ready to discover how the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet not only create explosive growth, but SUSTAIN it over the long term? Let’s dive in and take a closer look at each program… 

Money & You®

The world’s longest running wealth and entrepreneurial program 

This is the little known event Mark Victor-Hansen, Roger Hamilton, Sharon Lechter and Jack Canfield all attended immediately before they launched their multi-million dollar empires – and it has arguably made a bigger impact on the lives of entrepreneurs than any other program on the planet. 

So why are there so many raving fans? What makes it so unique? 

While most business owners are extremely focused on ‘the tactics’ of making money (from the latest Facebook ads to how to buy positively geared property) it’s your beliefs about money, scarcity, abundance and wealth which impacts the way you show up, and the decisions you make. That’s right…

2. Leverage V. 2

Just as the Quality of Soil is Critical to the Growth of a Plant, it’s Also the Biggest Single Influence Which Determines Your Business Success

The systems you put in place, the way you create leverage, your business strategy, the type of people you hire, how you set goals, the different pathways you can access cash from – and how much your business grows… 

All stem from the underlying assumptions, positive and limiting beliefs, and risk profiles regarding money. For instance… 

Perhaps you’re “big picture” but not across all the details. Does this cause you to make easy-to-fix errors which end up costing you thousands of dollars… like missing a detail in a contract, or not prepping for an important meeting? 

Maybe you’re so bogged down in the nitty-gritty you forget to step back and see the flaws in your team, make costly hiring mistakes, or miss key signals in meetings, causing you to lose big deals? 

Perhaps you think you don’t have enough knowledge, and allow this to hold you back – instead of leveraging those who can plug the leaks in your entrepreneurial boat? 

Maybe you refuse to think big because you don’t believe you can figure out the pathway to achieving those dreams?

Perhaps cashflow is an issue and you don’t know how to pitch someone for capital venture? 

Maybe you’re strapped for time and aren’t sure of how to outsource ‘the chunk’ that’s preventing you from focusing on the things that matter?

Via eye-opening games, Money & You® provides you with a practical toolkit of mindset techniques and concrete skills to shift your relationship with money, using the principles the top 1% of entrepreneurs rely on. 

Over 4 days, you’ll analyse who you are as a person, as an entrepreneur, and as a business leader – so you can make conscious decisions that will improve both your business results, and personal finances.

Creating Wealth & You

Discover What Habits, Skills and Thinking Patterns Set the 1% Apart

After Money & You® has opened your eyes, this 3-day Experiential Course will help you discover your life purpose and scale your business for exponential growth. 

The stakes are higher and the games are bigger – this is where you’ll get clarity on how the millionaire mindset works, together with the habits and systems the 1% live by – and how to powerfully leverage and launch yourself in order to… 

Money Dsc7137

Live Your True Life Purpose, Leave a Legacy – and Create Generational Wealth 

Not only will you breakthrough blocks, belief systems, family patterns or self-sabotaging habits keeping you stuck, you’ll delve into practical skill sets including…  

  • Acquiring wealth strategically, and investing it wisely
  • Market positioning
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • The exit plan for your business (do you want to sell it and retire, or pass it onto your kids?)
  • Best people to partner with (and how to tell if they’re aligned with your vision and principles)
  • Other entrepreneurial endeavors you’d like to add to your portfolio
  • Securing financing from serious capital investors

You’ll also get the tools, techniques and principles to ensure your life thrives, not just your business – and you become personally wealthy.

This is an important distinction, because in reality the vast majority of entrepreneurs end up with far less wealth than most would imagine after they take their wages out. 

You’ll discover how to set yourself up for the future by investing wisely in the best properties, stock market and hard assets, and how to separate your business and personal finances, so things aren’t stickily tied to each other – and you’re structured in a way that protects the best interests of both yourself and your business.  

Powerful Presentations

You Can Improve Your Value by 50 Percent, Just By Mastering This One Skill, According to Warren Buffett.  Are You Overlooking it? 

Archimedes, the most famous mathematician and inventor in ancient Greece, once said “Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.”

Your ability to communicate is that lever, according to Buffet. 

Think about it: pitching to new clients, negotiating with suppliers, building your team… everything in business involves people – and how you execute your communication defines the results you achieve. 

Over 4 days you’ll benchmark yourself against the communication techniques that underpin the world’s most successful leaders and entrepreneurs. 


Via games and proven techniques, Powerful Presentations makes you aware of… 

  • The unconscious cues you send to your team (and why they may not follow your lead, or have your back. Even the most talented team in the world will not allow you to outstrip who you are as a leader within your business)
  • The effectiveness of your communication at networking events (so people are immediately attracted to talk further with you, and you easily convert them into customers or valuable connections)
  • How you negotiate in a sales meeting (so potential clients instantly SEE it, and you deliver pitches that land deals)
  • The errors you make in high pressure environments (such as mission critical board meetings) 
  • How you handle conflict (Is it in a way that delivers a positive outcome for everybody, or do you create division?)
  • Your approach to meetings (could you double your effectiveness, and achieve twice as much in half the time?)
  • How to cut through when speaking from stage or live streaming on platforms like Zoom.   

What’s more, you won’t just learn these techniques in theory, you’ll practice them real time allowing you to walk out of the program with the skills already integrated.  

Make no mistake, if you’re ready to be a better leader, and leveraging the world’s most effective communication principles, while maintaining your unique and authentic voice – Powerful Presentations will be a breakthrough that dramatically enhances your results.

Global Excellerated Business School

With over 200,000 graduates, 85 countries and 43 years of extensive research on winning success formula’s, this once-a-year program (capped at AMOUNT participants) attracts business leaders who are serious about shaping the very foundation of humanity. 

During this intensive 8-day program, you’ll ingrain winning formulas into your psyche from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs – and radically transform your physical, mental and emotional capacity to deal with any storm that strikes.

Rub shoulders with multimillionaires and billionaires who are the top 1% in their field, while discovering the specific tool sets which underpin everything they do so you can…


Think on Your Feet, Innovate, Adapt to Change – and See Opportunities Where Most See Problems

This isn’t a seminar, it’s an immersive think tank where you execute every principle you have learned at the Excellerated Curriculum into practice with your own cash – marrying the concrete, practical skillsets into a wholistic model.

Leveraging deep dive examinations of real case studies, individual and team games, this is where the accelerated learning principles come together, and everything “sticks.” 

There’s no better opportunity than the Global Excellerated Business School to hang out, connect and be empowered by a supportive, curated community of like-minded and elite entrepreneurs from all over the globe – and from one of the world’s most exotic locations. 

Excellerated Learning Principles Based on the Latest Memory Retention Science

These games not only quickly integrate the learnings, helping you overcome the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve…

They highlight your habits and unconscious patterns, acting like a microcosm to reflect how you show up in business. 

Not only are they fun, with debriefs following each session you’ll be forced to examine who you are as an entrepreneur and individual, and receive a holistic examination of how you act in the real world. 

For instance, how do others perceive you? Are you a risk taker or do you prefer to play it safe? Do you lead or stay silent? And how do emotions about scarcity, competitiveness, abundance, etc. influence your decisions – and either help or hurt you?

Make no mistake – by implementing both mindset and technical skillsets with the accelerated learning principles, it’s 10x more powerful than anything you’re going to learn in a book or lecture. 

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Bottom line: this approach means you won’t need to wait years to see results, because you’ll begin executing what you learn immediately – and applying the skills to your business after each program, to generate a fast return on investment. 

What’s more, everything is customised to your needs based on… 

The Science of Support 

Before each leg of the program, you’ll meet with your program coach to set your objectives. 

After each event, you’ll meet again to consolidate everything you’ve learned and identify what you’re still struggling with, and what action steps need to be implemented into your business. 

Make no mistake – The Excellerated Curriculum is far more nuanced, customised and practical than any course or MBA on the market.

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Curated Community

You won’t find just anybody in the Facebook group, or at live events.

One of the reasons we only accept clients by application is so we can curate the community.

The Excellerated Curriculum gives you access to other business owners thinking at similar level as you, and with comparable values.

What’s more, if you reach out to us for help we’ll put you in touch with the specific mentors and experts with the skillsets you need support with.

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Hosted in Luxurious Locations

Each program with our curated community is hosted in a luxurious space to help you specifically focus the bigger picture of your business. 

You’ll visit beautiful locations including Port Douglas, Sunshine and Gold Coasts, and Hunter Valley Wine Country where you’re surrounded by luxury as you step out of your day to day life and truly immerse yourself in the beauty surrounding you.

Lifetime Membership

This is one of the most valuable aspects of the curriculum – just as you gain new insights each time you read a book or watch a movie, the same thing occurs when you review our programs. 

You’ve grown and changed as a person and your business is in a different place. 

Perhaps you have more team members, other divisions or have entered another industry, therefore you view the concepts and strategies with new eyes and each time you review a program, the principles will have a completely different meaning to you.

Moneyandyoumay2018 197

Access Business Insights From Elite Strategists of our Time. Past & Present Faculty Members* Include:

Graduates 7

You’ll be Mentored by These Business Masters to Create the Life of Your Dreams:

Dominique Lyon

Dominique Lyone

Dominique Lyone is the Founder and Chairman of COS, Australia’s largest privately owned office product business, with approximately $200M + in revenues.  

With over 500 team and 9 distribution centres across the country, Dom not only walks his talk, he is an extraordinary, personal, powerful and committed human being who can inspire from experience – and personally used the principles you’ll discover at the program to take the fast-track to achieving his dreams.

Dominique is the head instructor for our Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs and an incredible master to spend time with, his experience, generosity and wit make the experience second to none.

Kerry V. 3

Kerry Zurier

Co-founded the Telluride Chamber of Commerce at the age of 22, before acting as Director for MEND. Kerry has raised over US$28 Million for various non–profit organisation and is a Master Coach and Management Consultant having been an instructor of programs within the Excellerated Curriculum since 1994.

Also Kerry is a Master Coach and Leadership expert. Kerry has been an Instructor of Money & You® and Powerful Presentations & You since 1994, after 28 years, you’re in amazing hands if you walk into a room with Kerry. Kerry is also the Instructor that leads our Transformational Leadership Program – empowering and training others to lead Money & You® and their own organisations through greater leadership development and personal growth.

Andrew Barron

Andrew Barron

Andrew was making $200 per week when he first attended Money & You®. Within 8-months he was a millionaire, and within 3-years he’d scaled his timber business to $30 million in revenues per annum and sold that successfully. Since then he’s done it again including growing another business to $50M in revenues per year with a team of 50.

Andrew absolutely knows how to apply these principles for fast and ongoing results both in business and personally and is an extremely relatable example of what’s possible for anyone who participates in our programs from Money & You®, to Powerful Presentations & You, to Creating Wealth & You and the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs. As a Graduate of the full Curriculum, Andrew is a living breathing example of what’s possible when you apply what you discover in these powerful programs.

Why Enrol?

Over the next decade, most business owners will invest 20,000+ hours in their business.

Considering time is your single biggest asset, why would you do it without using all the tools at your disposal? 

Don’t you think you’d perform better with the entire toolbox?  
How can you expect to perform at your optimum when there’s skill gaps (which almost every business owner has) in the areas of communication, market positioning, investment, mergers & acquisitions, public speaking, creating an exit plan, reframing your beliefs, sales, removing unconscious patterns, partnerships, marketing or securing finance? 

Without these tools, you’ll limit your potential. 

Why would you do that when there’s an easier, faster way to achieve everything you desire in business and life? 

Make no mistake about it, once this “entrepreneurs toolbox” is planted firmly in your hands your vision will jump to new heights because…

You’ll Finally Have the Skills to Achieve as Much in Two Years as You Previously Did in Ten

And most importantly – without compromising your values, giving up time with your family, or having to work 60 hours a week. 

Of course, the Accelerated Curriculum is NOT for everyone. 

Nor is it a “get rich scheme.” However…

  • If you are committed to putting in the ‘elbow grease’ in order to create an extraordinary business and quality of life… 
  • If you are unwilling to use substandard tools that cause you to settle for less than your potential… 
  • If you are tired of hitting roadblocks, and want to be mentored by multimillionaires, billionaires and a community who can help you shape your future rather than simply react to it… 
  • If you have the appetite to achieve something that’s out of the ordinary and have resolved to massively improve your business, your finances and your lifestyle…
  • If you have the right mindset and are committed to achieve something that’s out of the ordinary… 
Moneyandyoumay2018 475 (1)

Now your time has come. Apply now, and get ready for a 24 month turnaround that will transform your business and life forever. 

Apply today for the Excellerated Curriculum