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Expand Your
Leadership Abilities

The Instructor Training Program (ITP) is designed for those who wish to expand their leadership abilities beyond the norm and become the vehicle for change for others, making a massive difference on a global scale.

This is the step in leveraging knowledge and tools learnt during the Money & You curriculum and taking it to the next level. During the program you will engage in Excellerated and rigorous learning that will allow you to examine, interpret and delve into the most inner depths of your body, mind and spirit.

This program is for you…

Learn how to
“Walk the Talk”

You will learn how to “walk the talk” of Money & You in order to achieve maximum success in your business and personal life.

The Instructor Training program enables you to develop logistical and technical areas of the Money & You programs. During the program you will do intensive studying on skills and specific pieces of Money & You that will embed the principles learnt deeply into your conscious.

Please note: This program requires a unique comprehension of the principles taught at the Money & You programs.

Truly “Own” the
Essence of Mastery.

When joining the Instructors’ Training Program, it is not what you will learn, or what you will give… but who you have to become…

During the program, you will be continually surrounded by other dynamic individuals who will push and challenge you to strengthen your character. You will be put through rigors that will test your mind and body and stretch your intellect, your consciousness and your spirit.

And learn how to truly “own” the essence of Mastery.

This program is available for those who wish to become…

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Stay Ahead of the
Change and be the ‘Changemaker’

Becoming a member of this forum will be a signal that you are ready to truly do what it takes to be a Global Leader.

The Instructor Training Program is an ongoing program that is designed to support its members over time. The sessions and content are different each time so as to keep up with the complexity, chaos, change and unprecedented times.

Please note: This Program is by Application Only.

For more information please contact us.
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