Terms Of Service

By registering as a participant in The Excellerated Curriculum and/or any of its programs, I agree to the terms of service.

I understand that the organizers refers to 90Degrees Global (AUST) Pty Ltd. I understand the Excellerated Curriculum refers to all programs delivered by the organizers, including Money & You®, Powerful Presentations and You, Creating Wealth & You, The Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs™, EvolveXP, and the Excellerated Business School Masterclass.


I understand that my investment amount includes tuition fees for the curriculum itself, program materials, meals and non-alcoholic refreshments, transfers to and from the hotel venue and 10-nights twin share/double room accommodation sharing with another Participant. 

I understand program venues and dates may be subject to change, and all participants will be appropriately notified of any changes. The organizers reserve the right to substitute the Instructors, Speakers, & Special Guests, Venue and date of event. Participants will be duly notified of any changes.

I agree to take full responsibility for my finances, to fulfil and complete any financial agreements made in a timely manner. I agree that once I commit to the program, I will be expected to play a bigger game in life and do whatever it takes to show-up. I understand that once I commit to attend the program, I agree to participate fully and complete all assignments; showing up on time and am 100% responsible for my results, generating my breakthroughs and causing a new level of performance in my entrepreneurship, leadership, wealth and life.

Felicity – please note, this is only currently true for BSE, we need to determine what this will be for the EC / other programs.

Cancellations & Refunds Policy

In the event that I am not able to attend a program delivered under the Excellerated Curriculum, I must notify the organizer in writing at least 30 days before the program begins. Provided I notifies the organizer before that period, I will be eligible to either:

  • Transfer to another program date and apply funds paid to date toward the tuition.
  • Substitute the participant with another qualified person.

I understand that all payments are transferable only and NOT REFUNDABLE. These options are only available to participants who have paid their deposits or paid in full and have notified the organizers in writing.

Consent & Confidentiality

I understand that the organizers will audio and/or videotape the programs delivered under the Excellerated Curriculum. By participating in these programs, I consent to and authorize the organizers to use my name, voice, appearance, image, words and participation in whole or in part in these recordings and any future correspondence or other derivative materials based on them, and I understand that the organizers intend to use them for educational, promotional and commercial applications. I will say during class — before speaking — if I do not wish to be recorded.

I understand that the organizers do not have any obligation whatsoever to use all or any part of my participation in the program and the organizer may edit any audio or visual recording of my participation at the organizer’s discretion.

The organizers shall have the right to reproduce, advertise, and publicize my participation in these materials without compensation to me. I agree that the organizers shall own all rights, title and interest, including copyright, in and to the originals and all copies of such audio, visual, or written recording.

I understand that the Excellerated Curriculum is a private experience for every participant. I agree that all participants’ remarks and actions are confidential and will not be used against the participants during or after the event. I agree to abide by the confidentiality agreement.

Wellbeing Policy

I understand that any physical exercises are part of the curriculum and not optional. I am aware that I am 100% responsible for my well-being during the Excellerated Curriculum, and I have and will communicate any physical ailments, conditions that may interfere with my participation in the program.

Intellectual Property

The Excellerated Curriculum and its programs consists of games, lectures, debriefs. The teaching materials in the program are the Intellectual Property of Dame Doria (DC) Cordova who transacts business through Global 888 Enterprises, Inc in this case in Joint Venture Partnership with 90Degrees Global (AUST) Pty Ltd.

I understand and agree that my objective in joining the Excellerated Curriculum is solely for personal development and learning. I agree not to do any form of recording during the Programs and will not duplicate any related material from the Programs or games played therein, without the written consent of Dame DC Cordova.

Voluntary Release

I understand that the Programs delivered under the Excellerated Curriculum are owned by Dame Doria (DC) Cordova/Global 888 Enterprises, Inc. and its recognized partner 90Degrees Global (AUST) Pty Ltd and promoters:

  • Doers Group (Chinese Programs) in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan.
  • Globe Success Sdn Bhd (English) in Malaysia and Singapore
  • 90Degrees Global (English) in Australia & New Zealand (and other markets as part of the JV).

And these organizations are given the right to market the Global Excellerated Business School Program in these countries.

I understand that any violation of the above agreements will result in legal proceedings.

I release and hold harmless Global 888 Enterprises, Inc., 90Degrees Global (AUST) Pty Ltd and Instructors, servants, agents, assistants, employees, volunteers/logistics, directors, officers, co-sponsors, organisations, program venue owners and individuals permitting the events described below to take place on its property, for any damages to my property or injuries to my person, whether mental and/or physical and/or emotional which might occur by reason of my voluntary decision to participate in the programs in the Excellerated Curriculum, and all related activities held within the programs, whether physical, mental or emotional.

I understand that there will be late night sessions and physical activities as a part of the curriculum for the programs and that these activities are not optional. I assume any and all risk(s) of any injury or damage that I might incur by reason of any exercises or activities, and I agree if I do incur any injury or damage by reason of my voluntary decision to participate that I personally accept all responsibility for those consequences and do agree to hold harmless and release all of the above-named parties for any liability of whatsoever nature.

I acknowledge that I have these Terms of Service in its entirety and fully understand all aspects of this and agree to each and every term mentioned herein.

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