Discover the Success Model to Become a ‘1% Entrepreneur’

These are the components Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Ben Cohen (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream) and Paul Mitchell (Hair Products) Have Mastered that Puts Them in the Top 1% – Which Pieces Do You Need to Add to Your Toolkit in Order to Achieve Double the Results in Half the Time? 

You will walk into this remarkable online event as somebody who has already achieved a measure of success in business and a desire to take it to the next level. You know there’s some skills you need to upgrade to get your business acumen where it needs to be, yet you’re frustrated because you don’t know what the “missing tools” are that will bring your potential to life.

And just two days later, you will walk out with a new level of confidence you can not only achieve the goal you walked in with – you can create and actualise results far greater than you imagined, faster than you ever thought possible because now you know how to access cash, raise capital, expand your team, increase your revenue and expand your service offering. 

This isn’t fluff or a death-by-powerpoint talk-fest – you’ll actually get a firm grasp of the Business Success Model used by the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, together with some of the key components in global leading business strategist Ryll Burgin-Doyle’s own 9 point strategy: 

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What’s more, the advanced learning technology used excellerated learning principles and interactive games combined with expert mentors and Harvard case studies, so you’ll walk out with a level of practical experience that would normally take years of mentoring to integrate.

What The World's Leading Entrepreneurs Do That Gives Them An Edge?

Your success in business is determined by your own ambitions and skillset as a leader. Yet, if you’re not across the best practice methodologies and cutting edge innovation, it’s virtually impossible to create the biggest vision possible for your family’s future.

Amazon innovated the bookstore.

Facebook innovated, inventing social media.

Netflix innovated, outsmarting Blockbuster.

Apple innovated with the iPhone.

Uber innovated the taxi industry.

Airbnb innovated, outsmarting hotels

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And over two days, we’ll dissect the science on how you can develop and bring innovation to life within your business, from a slight tweak to a service offering, paying more focus to a specific niche, reducing costs, getting more out of your team, cutting costs, or the specific systems you use so you can expand your vision, and achieve double the results in half the time.

Make no mistake, you’ll literally walk out a changed person from the inside out. What’s more, even though this is based on the Business Success Model and generalised wealth principles we teach at Global Excellerated Business School…

One of the world’s longest-running and most successful wealth and entrepreneurial programs that has supported over 185,000 participants from more than 85 countries for over 40 years and created more high profile, high net worth entrepreneurs than any other educational program on the planet…

Since we’ve brought it online, you can now…

Participate From the Comfort of Your Laptop. No Need to Travel Overseas - and it’s Only a Fraction of the Price

What’s more, the event itself is entirely standalone in its objectives and outcomes, and features brand new, never-before-seen learning activities and games in a unique, transformational online experience. 

Learn From Leading 1% Entrepreneurs

Your Hosts...

Dominique Lyon

Dominique Lyone

Dominique Lyone is the Founder and Chairman of COS, Australia’s largest privately owned office product business, with approximately $200M + in revenues.  

With over 500 team and 9 distribution centres across the country, Dom not only walks his talk, he is an extraordinary, personal, powerful and committed human being who can inspire from experience – and personally used the principles you’ll discover at the event to take the fast-track to achieving his dreams.

Dominique is the head instructor for our Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs and an incredible master to spend time with, his experience, generosity and wit make the experience second to none.

Ryll Burgin Doyle 596 Portrait

Ryll Burgin-Doyle

Ryll Burgin-Doyle has spent the last three decades helping enterprises achieve explosive growth – from startups to billion-dollar businesses – all over the world.

An acclaimed global business strategist, investor and CEO, Ryll started her first business with just $1100 in her pocket. She has since grown and led her own and other enterprises from startups to $100M, $400M and even $1Bn companies across diverse sectors, from financial services to biotech, professional services to manufacturing and more. 

Ryll brings first-hand insight into the highs and lows of being a business owner, and through her 9-point strategy, is now sharing the principles which have supported her and countless clients to create and grow businesses without limits.

Excellerated Learning Principles Mean You'll Learn as Much In 2 Days as Most Events Teach a Week

You won’t be just sitting there getting lectured to and absorbing content; we use scientific learning principles for maximum impact and retention. 

Designed to help you play an even bigger game in business and life, across the two days, you’ll be breaking down case studies, playing games, and getting together in groups of other like-minded entrepreneurs to immediately apply what you learn. Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover… 

  • How to innovate within your business to solve the “unsolvable.” Innovation doesn’t always mean coming up with a brand new, never seen before service offering. It can mean innovating parts of your business – a slight tweak to your service offering, which makes it more appealing, how you run and reward your team to gain better performance, or fine-tuning the specific systems you use – all of which can lead to explosive growth. The Business Success Model explores the fundamental business and wealth principles that will never fail to multiply your growth year after year.

  • How to expand your vision for what’s possible in business and weed out the hidden “quirks” in your psychology that are currently holding you back. In the words of the entrepreneur and business strategist Ryll Burgin-Doyle – “if you want to grow your business and your wealth, you have to grow yourself.” Your results in business will never outstrip what you believe is possible and therefore choose to pursue.


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The Business School Masterclass gives you first-hand knowledge and practice at applying the business and wealth principles that have seen top 1% entrepreneurs build thriving businesses and achieve growth in every economic climate. This new understanding and confidence to set your ambitions higher than ever before – it gives you the concrete skill set you need to to bring those ambitions to life faster than you ever thought possible.  You’ll leave this event with a clear path to maximum impact, maximum profit and a vision that will keep you buzzing for decades.

  • How to leverage the assets you already own … but have remained invisible to you for years. Most entrepreneurs are completely blind to 80% of assets they own. Once you see what’s really on your ‘invisible balance sheet’, you’ll instantly have mountains of unrealised profit, time and freedom at your fingertips.
  • How to raise capital, so you have unlimited fuel to pour on your business fire.
  • And much, much more…
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Plus, we support you on both sides with…

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Where we’ll get clear on the specific goals you have set for yourself and your business and what’s holding you back.

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You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a clarity coach to focus on how you’re going to apply the learnings and bring your dreams to life.


You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a clarity coach to focus on how you’re going to apply the learnings and bring your dreams to life.

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Community & Networking


You’ll become a part of our global community. We have monthly networking groups where you can stay in touch with others who have been through the program in order to get the support to overcome your challenges. 

The Ball Is In Your Court

Discover the fundamental wealth principles of the Business Success Model together with key insights from business growth strategist Ryll Burgin-Doyle’s own 9 point strategy.

What’s more, unlike many of the tools, processes and structures you rely on to run your business and make money today…

These principles won’t be obsolete in the next 5, 10 or 30 years – because they’re based on universal laws of business and wealth, which never change and are as reliable and repeatable as the laws of gravity, relativity and cause and effect. So…

Are you ready to discover the Business Success Model together with some of the key components in my own 9 point strategy?

Are you ready to discover the best practices and secrets behind the world’s leading entrepreneurs?

Are you ready to learn from Harvard case studies interactively and get the equivalent of years of mentoring within just 2 days?

The Excellerated Business School Masterclass is your opportunity to master the skills and business principles that will help you rapidly transform and grow your results while creating the biggest vision possible for your business and life.


Enrol in the Excellerated Business School Masterclass today.

The Excellerated Business School Masterclass is the perfect program for those who want to be a 1% entrepreneur. Due to the personal attention of this program, spots are limited. 

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